American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a companion dog. It is very unpleasant for me to hear from people unfamiliar with the breed that Staffordshire Terriers are “fighting” dogs, killer dogs who only think about how to eat a small Spitz. Let’s figure it out.

Staffordshire Terrier – Fighting Dog.

American staffordshire terrier character

I will try to destroy this myth.

American Staffordshire Terriers have indeed been used in dog fights. However, since the 1930s, dog fighting has been banned in the United States. Since then, the breed has evolved without direction to dog fighting. Today amstaff is a companion, family favorite, friend, but not a gladiator.

In Ukraine, the stereotype about American Staffordshire Terriers – killer dogs originates from the 90s. It was then that a stream of dogs with dubious pedigree poured into the country (and this applies not only to staff). “Brothers” arranged dog fights, crossed dogs according to the principle “who fights better”, and the result was not long in coming.

Fortunately, there were enthusiasts – true connoisseurs of the breed, who made a lot of efforts to have a normal population of American Staffordshire Terriers in Ukraine.

Therefore, if you want your staff to be kind and friendly, follow the simple instructions:

  1. Buy a dog from trusted breeders!!! In the Ukrainian Kennel Union (UKU / FCI) there are very high requirements for the pedigree qualities of dogs of all breeds. And if a dog shows aggression towards a person, this is not acceptable. Such a dog will be disqualified and will not be allowed to breed.
  2. Be sure to take an obedience course with your staff. To finally eliminate aggression to both humans and animals. It is ideal to start working with a dog handler when your puppy is 3-4 months old. And remember, there is nothing more beautiful than an obedient dog. Personally, my opinion is that absolutely any dog ​​should take an obedience course, be it a mongrel, a baby Chihuahua or a huge Caucasian.
  3. Walks. From the very first days you have a puppy – walk with him everywhere: on a crowded street, in a park, give him the opportunity to play with other dogs. Every day the puppy will explore the world around him and get used to what is happening around him. Indeed, often, aggression in dogs is due to the fear of the animal.
  4. Remember, all the staffordshire terriers love then you praise them. The staff is ready to do anything, to get his owner’s praise. Well, if he gets a something testy along with praise, be sure that he will try to please you. Staffs are easy to train and quickly understand what they want from them.
  5. Never punish an amstaff with physical force. If the puppy does something nasty, just call him sternly. This is quite enough.
  6. Love your staff. It is your love and care that is the best guarantee that the dog will not show aggression.

American staffordshire terrier character

Амстафф рыжий
American Staffordshire Terrier color Red & White

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a strong, courageous and active dog. A dog with a healthy psyche is always friendly to people and tolerant of other animals. It is distinguished by perseverance, willpower and courage. Staffordshire terriers get along well with all family members, especially with children. These dogs have a high pain threshold, so the Staffordshire Terrier will not bite a child if the child hurts him.

Staffordshire Terriers are endowed with an intelligence that is different from that of other dogs. They recognize a threat or danger at some fantastic subconscious level and are always ready to help. Unlike other terriers, all the attention of the Staffordshire Terrier is concentrated on the owner.

The dog gets along well in the apartment. Thanks to the short coat, caring for the staff does not cause much trouble. However, in winter, a dog can freeze, but nowadays you can choose clothes for every taste.

American Staffordshire Terrier. Brief information.

Амстафф тигровый
American Staffordshire Terrier color Tiger

Breed Name: American Staffordshire Terrier

Country of Origin: USA

The time of the appearance of the breed: The end of the nineteenth century

Breed type: Companion

Weight of an adult dog: 25-31 kg (females), 35-38 kg (males)

Height (height at the withers): 42-48 cm (females), 46-50 cm (males)

How many lives: 12-14 years

Coat length: Short

Classification UKU/FCI: Group 3. Terriers

American Staffordshire Terrier. Appearance.

Амстафф черно-белый
American Staffordshire Terrier color Black & White

The Staffordshire Terrier has a powerful, muscular build for its size. In sports comparison, this is not a bodybuilder, but rather an all-around. The head is not large relative to the body, but with a developed jaw system, cheekbones and masseters. The muzzle of the Amstaff is not long, close in shape to a square, the wings are moderately developed, and when the dog breathes with an open mouth, sticking out his tongue, it seems that he is smiling. The small and round eyes of these terriers are brilliant and expressive. The eyes must be necessarily dark, the light color of the eyes is considered a disadvantage of the breed. Amstaffs have a broad skull and a pronounced transition from the muzzle to the forehead. The ears are set high, hanging, sometimes cropped. Amstaffs have a very powerful, but not long neck without dewlap, with well-developed muscles.

Амстафф голубой
American Staffordshire Terrier color Blue

The wide and strong chest in the process of leading the dog is designed to collide with the enemy, and the deep and barrel-shaped chest gives balance to the animal when moving. Amstaffs have a wide, strong back, a slightly shortened croup. The tail is of medium length and is a continuation of the line of the back, it is not docked. The limbs of the Staffordshire Terrier are shortened, very strong, with well-developed muscles and wide bones, which gives the dog additional stability, but at the same time mobility. The main colors are red and white, black and white, brindle, and blue. Recently, due to its rarity, the tricolor color is very popular (although until recently this color was considered a disadvantage).

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