Candy Life All’Vari Style

Date of Birth: 21.01.2024



Sex: Female

Price 700 €

I am already 1 month old

The American Staffordshire Terrier puppy named Candy Life is a true little joy in our life. At the moment, she is only 1 week old, but the first traits of her character and appearance are already emerging.

Candy Life has a beautiful reddish color with white markings, making her appearance unique and attractive. This little girl promises to be not only beautiful but also full of energy and tenderness.

She is the daughter of the well-known dam Odessa Art Of Staff, and even now, her resemblance to her mother makes her particularly appealing. I bet, she will inherit not only the beauty but also the noble qualities of her pedigree.

At the 1-week stage, her main needs are warmth, care, and maternal love. She is under our’s observation to ensure optimal conditions for her growth and development.

Candy Life represents a promise of future loyalty, joy, and love in your home. Follow her adventures and development in the coming weeks as she becomes more active and reveals her unique character.

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