Anna Konda All’Vari Style

Date of berth 22.12.2021

Father: Dzhilroy Alonos Art of Staff. Inter Champion, Champion of 7 Countries!!!

Mother: Odessa Art Off Staff. Junior Champion of Ukraine, Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine

Puppy of American Staffordshire Terrier Anna Konda (age 45 days)

Mooved to her new family

Puppy of American Staffordshire Terrier Anna Konda (age 25 days)

американский стаффордширский терьер щенок рыжий бастон возраст 25 дней
Puppy of American Staffordshire Terrier, age 25 days, color red baston. Female. Anna Konda All’Vari Style

And here is our Anna Konda.

Do you see in this dog a formidable and scary Staffordshire Terrier, ready to tear anyone? No? Anna Konda is different. She looks more like a plush toy. Very gentle and affectionate, loves to kiss and knows how to smile. She has a very calm character, but in which case, she will stand up for herself. Will be the best friend of the new family.

I would very much like this dog not to “sit on the sofa” in the new house, but to take part in exhibitions. This Staffordshire Terrier is just made for them and will be a decoration at any dog show.

Puppy of American Staffordshire Terrier Anna Konda (age 1 week)

Anna Konda has a twin sister. At first, even I was confused who is who.

Can you guess?

щенки американского стаффордширского терьера Анна Конда и Агнес
Agness & Anna Konda, puppies of American Staffordshire Terrier

Puppy of American Staffordshire Terrier Anna Konda (age a couple of hours)

Anna Konda, this sweet girl was born second. This puppy has a very elegant color – a bright red color dominates, a white mask is almost symmetrically located on the muzzle.

Favorite to eat and sleep, and when she sleeps, her muzzle breaks into a satisfied smile.

This puppy is anatomically well built. He is simply obliged to participate in exhibitions, glorifying and popularizing his breed – the American Staffordshire Terrier. Anna Konda is very calm and affectionate by nature. Already now she loves when her tummy is stroked and smelled.

американский стаффордширский терьер щенок возраст 7 дней. Anna Konda All 'Vari Style 8
Puppy of American Staffordshire Terrier Anna Konda.

This American Staffordshire Terrier puppy will charm and win over anyone. She will never cease to please her owners, and the enthusiastic looks and exclamations of others will become something familiar and natural.

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