Roy – Dzhilroy Alonos Art Of Staff

Father of our wonderful kids

Американский стаффордширский терьер Рой

Dzhilroy Alonos Art of Staff

Height 48 sm

Weight 29 kg

Color Red & White

DOB 24.12.2013

Roy is superbly complex, has a bright color. During the walk attracts the views of others. Despite his serious appearance, Roy is very sociable, does not show aggression towards people. Friendly even with strangers. He does not have zooaggression and he does not pay attention to dogs that bark after him. It takes a lot of effort to get him out of it. Just the same to be an American Staffordshire Terrier – friendliness, curiosity, a keen interest in everything around, restraint and steel endurance. Roy never gets into a fight, but, if necessary, will stand up for himself.

американский стаффордширский терьер Рой выставка

From childhood, Roy attended exhibitions, worked with a cynologist and handler. He’s amazing in the ring.

Roy has had a dizzying show career. He traveled all over the country and visited many neighboring countries. Roy is a 4-time Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Moldova, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria. Inter-champion, champion of 7 countries!!! Who else can boast of such achievements?

There is much more to say about Roy, but I will give you the opportunity to see him in the photographs and admire this magnificent representative of the wonderful American Staffordshire Terrier breed.

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