Meeting my puppy

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Power, grace and intelligence always attract, you see).

The American Staffordshire Terrier has always been a dream dog for me/

It took me about a year to study kennels in Ukraine and abroad, I also read a lot of articles, forums, etc., regarding the breed.

Ода - рождение. первое знакомство со щенком
Newborn Starlet

In the summer of 2020, I received an offer to visit the Art of Staff Nursery, which I did with pleasure. The first thing I saw when I came to visit the kennel was puppies!!!

And not some, but exactly those that I drew in my head, exactly those from which I was thrilled. ????

These little clumps ran in the garden, under the apricot tree, and were as bright as the apricots, which gleamed generously with their orange barrels in the grass. I especially liked the baby, bright red, with elegant white, and with a beautiful name – Odessa). Well, then … Op-ppa – the puppies will soon be in a new home, they are all sold …. For some reason, the thought immediately arose, no, it can’t be, this is my girl, well, the stars couldn’t bring me here just like that.

амстафф щенок Ода первая стойка
First lessons

Then I got acquainted with the adult inhabitants of the kennel, there are as many as 5 dogs! And all the powerful, tender “daisies” ready to kiss me until I lose my pulse)). It was something!

Emotions over the edge!

Американский стаффордширский терьер щенок и ребенок
Meeting my puppy

And here!! Remember, I wrote about the stars?

Well… a week later the phone rang, and my breeder, who has now become my close friend, told me the news that made me jump! She said: “Alla, they were forced to refuse the girl Odessa, if you, as before, are ready and burning with desire – she is yours.”

Mine, mine, of course mine!! I knew, I said, I felt, there was no limit to joy. ????

Moreover, Odessa was already registered for the dog show, it was her debut in babys, and she took the Best prize, Best baby!!!

The night before I went for my girl, I didn’t sleep, having quickly worked in the morning, I went, took the children, and together we moved out for Odessa (Odochka))).

Щенок в новом доме
The puppy in new house

Already at our house, the baby quickly got used to it, and immediately decided that her place was only next to me).  LoveYouSoMuch!

You know, we do not choose dogs, but they choose us! And my Oda, then still, under the apricot, clearly understood that I was hers, and she was mine).

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