Staffordshire terrier litter 2022. Anouncement.

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Амстафф Odessa Art Of Staff осень 2022
Amstaff Odessa Art Of Staff autmn 2022

Puppies of American Staffordshire Terrier!!! Waited for them???

Our Odessa Art Of Staff is preparing to become a mother again. Very soon we will be ready to present you our puppies. From the last litter, you remember very well what wonderful puppies were. And our amstaff puppies 2022 will definitely please lovers of this breed.

Американский стаффордширский терьер. Осень 2022
AST Odessa Art Of Staff autmn 2022

Our amstaff puppies 2022 – a bold and decisive step

Ukrainian kennels of American Staffordshire Terriers are known all over the world. In this difficult time, we decided to mate in order not to lose the Ukrainian population of dogs.

амстафф помет 2022 отец
American Staffordshire Terrier Furur Non-Stop Shaolin Monk

The choice of the father of our puppies was not easy enough. After carefully weighing and considering everything, the choice fell on a young and very promising male from a well-known kennel in Odessa.

So, we are waiting for all of you on our website, where we will be happy to present the entire litter of American Staffordshire Terrier puppies.

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